Main Ring Information-Herts & Essex Country Fair

Main Ring Information

On this page we are going to provide a bit more information about the displays in the main ring.


Gun Dog Display by Eddie Abbott - Main Ring 11:00hrs and 12:45hrs 

Eddie Abbott from Hertford will be demonstrating with his Labrador and Springer Spaniels. He started some years ago with one dog and got into picking up on local shoots. He has now progressed with more dogs and is now a respected picker up on some very good shoots. Eddie has also done well in field trials with dogs that he has trained. He runs group training sessions for owners and their dogs. He will be pleased to share his experiences with other owners at the Fair after his demonstration.


Falconry Display by the South East Falconry Group - Main Ring 11:20hrs and 13:45hrs

Established in 1981, in 2011/12 the Group celebrated 30 years of providing an unrivaled forum within the South East of England for falconers to meet, talk and practice falconry. The SEFG welcomes both experienced and novice falconers. We are fortunate to have members successful in breeding most raptor species generally considered suitable for falconry here in the UK. We have a high proportion of active falconers and our monthly meetings prove to be very successful, with well over 40 members at each meeting. These meetings provide an informal atmosphere in which new members are encouraged to meet and mix with falconers from all backgrounds and levels of experience. The Group will be giving a static and flying display at the Fair today. Why not contact us at; The South East Falconry Group, C/o The Tilbury Community Centre, The Civic Square, Tilbury, Essex, RM18 8AA    Email:    Tel: 01489 896504    For more information please visit their website



Parade of Trinity Foot & South Herts Beagles - Main Ring 15:10hrs

The present hunt is the result of an amalgamation in 2003 between the Trinity Foot Beagles (a pack run by the undergraduates of Cambridge University since 1862) and the South Herts (founded 1926). Drawing on the traditions of these two established packs the combined hunt continues to provide a lot of fun for its followers who form a lively mix of ages and backgrounds. We are very grateful to Matthew Higgs for bringing his pack to the Fair. For more information please visit this link



Parade of Albany & West Lodge Bassets - Main Ring 15:10hrs

In the early 1950's members of the Basset Hound Club (BHC) formed a working branch to 'foster the hunting instinct inherent in every Basset Hound' and to promote the policy of the club 'the maintenance of the working utility is just as important as the quality of the show points'. Then in 1972, the working branch was reorganized and renamed as the Albany Bassets. The pack was admitted to the Masters of Bassets Association (MBHA) with registered hunting country around Stamford, Lincolnshire. 30 years later, the BHC withdrew their financial support and the Albany became a subscription pack with the hounds belonging to the committee. In 2006, the Albany merged with the West Lodge Bassets, enabling both packs to continue enjoying successful hunting of the area. Currently the pack is comprised entirely of Albany hounds and consists of 10 couple all living together. In comparison with other hound breeds, Bassets are slower, methodical movers and this enables Hunt staff and supporters to keep in contact and see the hounds work as the Basset unravels the line of the scent. For more information please visit their website


Parade of Puckeridge Foxhounds - Main Ring 15:10hrs 

The Hunt dates back to 1725 when hounds were kept at Cheshunt and the country was also that of the Hertfordshire. The country, as now constituted, has existed since 1799. In 1970 the Puckeridge amalgamated with the Newmarket and Thurlow to form the Puckeridge & Thurlow; but in 1992 this union was dissolved and the re-established Puckeridge reverted to its old boundaries. The Mastership has been in the Barclay family continuously for over a hundred seasons. The breeding of all the hounds can be traced back to 1725 through the Stud Book. We are very grateful to the Masters for bringing their hounds for us to enjoy. For more information please visit their website at this link


Display by The Dog and Duck Show -  Main Ring 11:45hrs and 15:40hrs

Stuart Barnes has traveled to over 100 countries working with wildlife, and his passion for the canine species has enabled him to gain an incredible understanding of everything about dogs. In countryside and corporate shows, Stuart and his team use trained and untrained sheep dogs to herd ducks, amusing and educating the audience about common dog behaviour issues and about how these can be resolved. The show demonstrates how untrained and poorly behaved dogs still have a programmed natural instinct, giving the audience a new understanding of the Way of the Dog. Stuart's new book, the Way of the Dog - Training by instinct, will help you with all the essential aspects of owning and training a dog, including choosing and raising a puppy or an older dog, housetraining, effective walk routines, mealtimes, playtime and boundaries. With Stuart's help you can unlock the secrets to building the long and happy relationship with your canine companion that both you and your dog deserve. For more information please visit their website 


Dog Agility - Dogability

DOGability is a dog training centre based in Spellbrook, covering Bishop's Stortford, Sawbridgeworth, Harlow and surrounding areas. We specialise in training pet dogs, helping you to enjoy a closer bond. We work on your classical obedience skills such as recall, sit, down and stay, but as we believe owning a dog should be fun we also bring in obstacle courses, team games, circuit training and agility to add variety. Our group lessons are sociable and informative, and all our training is done using positive reinforcement methods. For more information please visit their website

Ferret Display - Pakefield Ferrets - Main Ring 12:15hrs and 14:40hrs

The UK's Premier Ferreting Demonstration and Rabbit Controller in Suffolk, Norfolk & Essex.  Simon is a unique character who has forged a display based upon his profession. A raconteur of some repute, he displays and demonstrates in a unique manner, holding court whilst poetically enticing the audience into his world of ferrets and ferreting. Visit their website to find out more